At Gleeson Mills we offer a range of specialist assessments for children and young people who display problematic and harmful sexual behaviour as well as those who present as a violence risk to others. 

All of our assessments are holistic and adopt a multi-agency approach. We give consideration to the child/young person’s wider needs as well as their presenting behaviour (Hackett 2014). This involves close liaison with their parents, carers and the agencies involved in their care.

Every assessment will be differentiated according to the needs of the child/young person and we will endeavour to identify with the relevant agencies if further specialist assessment is clinically indicated. This could include assessments relevant to speech, language and communication needs (SLCN), cognitive functioning, and/or emotional and mental health.

We are able to provide the following structured assessments:

AIM2 Initial Assessment

The AIM2 (Assessment, Intervention and Moving on) Assessment Framework was updated in 2012 and supports the assessment of young people aged 12-18 years old that have been convicted of a sexual offence or admitted to involvement in an act of harmful sexual behaviour (HSB). The assessment considers areas of risk and strength in four domains: harmful sexual and non-sexual behaviours, development, family and environment. The assessment explores both static (fixed) and dynamic (changeable) factors and provides a basis for planning a multi-agency intervention. 

For further information about AIM2 please see:


The Juvenile Sex Offender Assessment Protocol- II (J-SOAP-II) was developed by Prentky and Righthand (2003) and is intended to allow practitioners to review risk factors that have been identified as being associated with sexual and criminal offending. The tool is designed for use with males aged 12-18 years old who have either been convicted of a sexual offence or where there is a history of concerning harmful sexual behaviour. The assessment considers static and dynamic risk factors in order to support an understanding of a young person’s pathway into their harmful sexual behaviour.

For further information about J-SOAP-II please see:


The Structured Assessment of Violence Risk in Youth (SAVRY) is intended to assist in the assessment of violence risk of either male or female adolescents (including sexual violence) between the ages of 12 and 18 years. With its emphasis on dynamic risk/needs factors, the SAVRY is designed to be useful in intervention planning and ongoing progress monitoring. Those factors that are most likely to increase risk can be targeted for intervention whilst protective factors may be enhanced to reduce risk of future violent behaviour. The assessment is empirically grounded, developmentally informed, treatment-oriented and allows for a differentiated approach.

For further information about SAVRY please see:

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